Designing and developing a website does not cost as much as you may expect when you hire MainStreet Web Design to provide the services. Our web design prices are competitive & offer great value for money. Take a look at Our Portfolio, you'll see our designs appeal to a wide range of clients, both large & small.

We know that a unique, well designed and fully functional website is what your looking for. That's why we don't create "cookie-cutter" website designs. Every website we develop is a custom design.

MainStreet Web Design does not believe in offering website packages. Every website is different, with different purposes. It's virtually impossible to honestly say that what works for one will work for another. The cost of your website depends on many issues: how big it is, the format of the pages, how many images there are, who creates the images, if there is video, audio or other dynamic elements included, among many other options.

The only way to tell you how much a web site will cost is to consult with you to get a clear understanding of exactly what you want. Even then, as the job progresses, the estimate for a site may change as you decide to change or add elements to your pages. If you see web development services advertised for a flat price, make sure you fully understand what is included in that price.

We offer our services at a rate of $25.00 an hour. We have produced complete custom websites for as little as $275.00, plus the hosting and domain name charges, and we offer 2 hours of free editing each year that you renew the hosting charges. There is no additional or recurring cost of the design aspect, unless there is more than 2 hours of editing or changes.

MainStreet Web Design would appreciate the opportunity to offer a quote for your specific needs. Please Contact Us for a no charge consultation.